Wireline Valves are available as either hydraulic models with Mono, Single or Dual Ram options or Single Ram Manual models. All hydraulic models have the ability to manually close the rams. Hydraulic models are recommended when frequent use is anticipated or where safety concerns dictate remote operation.


  • Rugged forged mono-block style bodies rated up to 10,000 psi working pressure, H2S Service;
  • All Polymer Vee Packing Stack improves service life
  • Quick union connections with integral bolt on Flanged connections for ease of interchangeability;
  • Indicator Rods to show Ram positions;
  • Inner and Outer Ram Seals are interchangeable with most leading manufacturers;
  • Multi-size Rams are available;
  • Cutter Rams are available.




Brownfield’s GS Type Pulling /Running Tool is designed to locate in standard internal fishing necks. To engage the GS Type Pulling /Running Tool, a sit down weight is required for automatic engagement. To release the tool, downward jarring activates the release mechanism by shearing a pin. If required the GS Type Pulling /Running Tool can be converted to a Jar-Up Release (GR) by fitting a GU adapter. For surface operations the dog assembly has a finger grip to enable the tools to be manually released from the fish neck whilst in the pinned position.




The Brownfield Non-Elastomeric Sliding Sleeve is high performance, equalizing Sliding Sleeve which allows communication between the tubing and annulus for circulation or selective-zone production. When desired, the Sleeve can be shifted open or closed using standard wireline methods and a ‘B’ type OTIS or Baker shifting tool. The Sliding Sleeve is designed such that any lock profile and compatible seal bores can be specified to accept a wide range of Wireline Locks, and accessories. The nominal working specifications for the Sliding Sleeve, in most cases, are burst, collapse, and tensile equal to the tubing, up to 325oF service temperature with a 1,500 psi maximum shifting differential.



The Brownfield X Type Nipple is a selective Landing Nipple that allows for the location and installation of many flow control devices such as Blanking Plugs, Bottom Hole Chokes etc. This nipple has a locking groove which allows for the internal locking of the flow control device. The seal area provides a polished seal surface to pack off any flow control device. The design of the selective X Type Nipple allows for the installation of unlimited X Type Nipples in the tubing string with the same ID. The Brownfield XN Type Nipple is a bottom No-Go version of the X Type Nipple. The bottom No-Go should provide the means to positively locate the appropriate flow control device into the XN Type Nipple. Both Products are available with standard or premium threads and common or custom materials.



The Brownfield’s BX Lock Mandrel is a positive blank off tool designed to be run into an X Type Profile Nipple, holding pressure from both above and below. The Brownfield’s BXN Lock Mandrel is a similar tool, designed to be run into an XN Type Bottom No-Go Nipple, holding pressure from both above and below.


Two wireline trips are required to set the BX and BXN Type Plugs. The first trip involves locking the plug body into the nipple. Since the by-pass ports are exposed during this operation, the plug body remains in an equalized state. Once the plug body is properly installed in the nipple, the prong is run into the plug body. This blanks off the ports. To pull the plug the prong must first be pulled to allow equalization to occur. Once equalized, the plug body is retrieved from the nipple. The mandrel features keys with square, locking shoulders to land in selective BX nipple profiles. The shoulders bear the pressure loading from above. Replacing the BX keys with BXN keys converts the lock from BX to BXN.


The mandrel sets slickline flow controls during completion, installation, and production. Typical controls include the following:

  • Pump-through plugs for injecting fluids into the well
  • Blanking plugs for shutting in a well or testing the tubing
  • Instrument hangers for temperature and pressure recorders
  • Downhole chokes for reducing surface flowing pressures
  • Pump-open plugs for a temporary tubing plug that can be pumped open and used for production without running slickline