The Type B shifting tool is used to open or close industry-standard sliding sleeves. Slickline operation of the tool moves the sliding sleeves’ inner sleeve to the open or closed position.

The shifting tool engages the profile in the upper or lower end of the inner sleeve to permit the sleeve to be shifted by jarring action. The tool is designed to release itself only after the sleeve reaches its fully open or closed position. A releasing profile on the key compresses the key spring, releasing the shifting tool. A shear pin is an added feature designed to release the tool in the event well conditions prevent the Type B shifting tool from releasing from the inner sleeve.

Sets of non-releasing keys are available for the Type B shifting tool to permit shifting one among several circulating devices in one wellbore. These keys do not have a releasing profile. The shifting tool pin must be sheared to release.

NOTE: The Type B shifting tool will not pass through Position 1 S-type landing nipples.


  • Slickline-conveyed Type B shifting tool reduces operating costs over other conveyance methods used to shift circulating sleeves.
  • Simple change-out of the keys on location affords the ultimate flexibility for well configuration and reduces the need for additional tools.
  • Self-releasing keys provide a means to shift multiple circulating devices without tripping out of the well, reducing workover time.
  • Non-releasing keys can provide additional impact force for circulating sleeves that prove difficult to shift, eliminating the need for more costly intervention methods.
  • If the Type B shifting tool cannot be released by standard means, shearing the shear pin prevents the need for and expense of fishing operations.